Learning to Live with Fritz

Disgruntled Angel in a Hairy Disguise

E. Rawlins




An opera singer meets her greatest teacher in a Manhattan pet store. Against her better judgment, the edgy, ego-centric and soon-to-be divorced soprano is mysteriously compelled to purchase a Maltese terrier pup.

On her way back to Europe in order to revive her flagging career, the decision to take along a twelve-week-old puppy turns out to be more than implausible … it is insane.

In Learning to Live with Fritz , author E. Rawlins tells the story of her chaotic adventures with one crazy little dog who changed her life.  Fifteen years of non-stop travel takes them to Paris, Brussels, Salzburg, Vienna, Tokyo, London and back to the Big Apple accompanying a handsome young baritone on his personal journey to international operatic celebrity.  As the drama unfolds the idea of love at first sight reveals itself to be anything but a romantic illusion. Humorous and self-critical this is a memoir of a narcissistic would-be diva and a dog who was dead serious about teaching her how to give up her illusions, to live authentically  and above all, to learn the meaning of unconditional love.